Solutions tailored
to fit your company

Credit, Customer and invoice management

We take care of our Customers’ Customer Base. From contract acquisition to invoice management, all the way to the management of collections and any complaints. Learn more about ELLIOT, our company dedicated to credit and customer management.

Business Report:
pre- and post-credit information

From the verification of domicile and residence addresses to telephone numbers and company holdings, we are able to develop up-to-date and detailed business reports, both pre-credit and post-credit. We provide reliable information to prevent credit risk and to enable better business decisions based on concrete data. Enter the world of FOAL and its Business Reports and Investigations services.

Debt & NPL Collections

The correct management of credit also involves efficient debt collections. We offer a multi-channel process managed by customer-oriented operators, aimed both at obtaining payment and at managing any claims that hinder payment.

GERI also deals with the management of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs). Learn more about GERI Risk Management.


Real Estate

Real estate has always been a good investment: our company AQQUA manages the holding company’s properties and rental relationships on behalf of third parties. From the preparation of cost estimates to the management and verification of compliance with the contracts, AQQUA assists its partners in everything associated with real estate. Learn more.

Events & Hospitality

Business meetings, ceremonies and private events. Through MOLINO D’ISELLA, we manage different facilities, both as locations and as events. Enter the world of MOLINO D’ISELLA and explore all its services.

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